Replay: Dick Pfister Speaks on Alternative Investments at CNBC’s Financial Advisor Summit

As we head into 2022, the world is very different from a mere twenty years ago, as interest rates remain low and inflation continues to climb. This market environment is causing investors to look beyond the traditional portfolios of 60% stocks and 40% bonds and toward alternative investments and liquid alts for proper diversification. To help investors and advisors learn more about the alternative investment space, AlphaCore Wealth Advisory Founder and CEO Dick Pfister, CAIA, was recently a featured speaker at CNBC’s Financial Advisor Summit: Vision 2022.

As part of this event, Pfister specifically spoke during a unique thought leadership discussion sponsored by iCapital, where he offered insight on opportunities in the alternative space and how to incorporate alternatives into portfolios. Pfister specifically discussed:

– Current difficulties facing investors and how alternatives may be able to help mitigate them
– Common misconceptions about alternative investments that may have caused some investors to become hesitant
– Key indicators of an investment’s ability to meet a client’s goal
– How technology is helping investors incorporate alternatives into their portfolios efficiently and effectively

Throughout the discussion, Pfister emphasized the ways AlphaCore helps clients effectively incorporate traditional alternatives and liquid alts into portfolios. “As a wealth advisor, we are essentially problem-solvers for individual investors. When an investor comes to us…we create a financial plan for them,” he explains. Through these plans, our clients can be confident knowing they have someone in their corner with the knowledge and expertise to help them meet their financial goals.

Click here to watch the replay of the discussion.