Replay: AlphaCore Event with iCapital Chief Investment Strategist Anastasia Amoroso

AlphaCore Wealth Advisory recently hosted a special lunch event at La Valencia Hotel for local San Diego investors with AlphaCore CEO Dick Pfister and iCapital Chief Investment Strategist Anastasia Amoroso. A frequent contributor to CNBC and Bloomberg, Amoroso shared her insights on the state of the global economy and how investors should be positioning their portfolios.

Some of the specific topics that Pfister and Amoroso discussed during this event include:

  • The U.S. Federal Reserve’s response to tame inflation by raising rates and expectations for inflation moving forward
  • Why the housing market could deteriorate even further and where investors can find opportunities in real estate
  • Potential reasons behind FAANG and other tech stocks’ recent struggles and whether or not they can rebound
  • Characteristics of opportunistic investments in the worlds of fixed income and private credit
  • Strategies that have been successful in the current global-macro space and how investors can allocate them into portfolios
  • An overview of the evolution and potential future of alternative investing strategies

To learn more about this event or any of our upcoming webinars, please do not hesitate to contact us.