Webinar Replay: Can Your Financial Plan Weather the Storm?

With stocks and bonds down, inflation up and a potential recession looming, many investors are concerned about whether their wealth can be sustained or if they will have to work longer.

AlphaCore Wealth Advisory Director of Research Johann Lee, CFA, and Wealth Planner Troy Owens, CFP, recently hosted a webinar to discuss the tools you need to create a financial plan that is built to withstand volatile markets and protect your wealth.

Some of the specific topics addressed include:

  • The relationship between financial planning and investment management
  • Inflation’s impact on the macro-environment and the hurdles it creates
  • Why the buying power of social security benefits is no longer enough for retirees
  • AlphaCore’s unique approach to the financial planning process
  • How to protect wealth from forces like inflation by allocating to alternatives
  • How to prepare for retirement under stressful market conditions
  • The importance of stress-testing your plan under bear market scenarios
  • How to adjust spending during times of high inflation

To start building your “all-weather” financial plan, please contact us.