Webinar Replay: Finance 101

Many young people have their sights set on high-achieving careers and are putting in the academic work to reach their goals. What’s often missing, however, is the financial literacy that can help young people avoid pitfalls on the way to building wealth. As a result, we often hear from our clients that they wish there was content to “teach the basics” to their children. Fortunately, that is where this AlphaCore Wealth Advisory webinar came in.

For this webinar, Wealth Planner Troy Owens, CFP, was joined by multiple generations from the AlphaCore team as he breaks down budgeting, saving, investing and more. All ages were welcome for this fun, educational event.

Some of the key topics discussed during this webinar include:

  • Areas to consider when creating a budget
  • Budgeting, credit, debt, tax and saving basics
  • How to utilize savings to build wealth through investing
  • An overview of the stock market and different types of investments
  • Why it is important to be cautious with cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • How to start your personal financial journey

To learn more about this webinar or any of our upcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact us.