Webinar Replay: Flash Market Update Amidst Persistent Volatility

Bear markets are always frightening and this one is no different. Inflation hasn’t abated and the Federal Reserve is raising rates at a rapid pace to quell the overheating numbers. Since our inception, we have been advocating diversified portfolios, which include stocks, bonds and alternative strategies.

To help investors during this difficult time, AlphaCore Wealth Advisory recently hosted a webinar with CEO Dick Pfister, CAIA, and Director of Research Johann Lee, CFA, where they provided an update on the volatile stock and bond markets and shared where investors may still find opportunities for portfolios during a bear market.

During the webinar, Pfister and Lee provided specific insight on:

  • An overview of AlphaCore and what we do for our clients
  • How to win more by losing less during market downturns
  • A market recap of the past 12 months
  • The current state of the macro-economy
  • A bull case for equities
  • A bear case for equities
  • The way forward for diversified portfolios

For those who attended this webinar, thank you; we hope you gained valuable insights from the presentation. For those who were unable to attend, please enjoy the replay by watching the video above or clicking the link below.

To learn more about this event or any of our upcoming webinars, please do not hesitate to contact us.