Webinar Replay: How Investors Should Interpret a Cloudy Market Environment

AlphaCore Wealth Advisory, AlphaCore CEO Dick Pfister, CAIA, and Charles Schwab Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders sat down to offer valuable insights on our current market environment and potential opportunities for investors.

Some of the specific topics discussed during this webinar included:

  • How long the current bear market may last
  • Inflation and the impacts of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates
  • How investors should approach inflationary periods
  • Potential opportunities in the tech sector for investors
  • Why the current environment favors active over passive managers
  • What the future may hold for the residential real estate market
  • Corporate earnings thoughts and outlook
  • Supply chain issues and their long-term impacts
  • How a recession would likely impact the markets, economy and investors
  • Short, medium and long-term outlook for U.S. equity holders
  • How the household income disparity may impact monetary policy decisions

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